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Is it common among Indian students to go barefoot for fun, ‘cause it’s cool or healthy?

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." (Kahlil Gibran)

I’m a German but I’ve left Europe for good, living in India for the past seven years. I’m quite an average guy – except for my trademark: I'm always barefoot, all-year-round, wherever I go, whatever I do! Most of my friends have never seen me wearing shoes… For me, being barefoot isn’t just a fashion statement: It’s a lifestyle, a way to express myself. And of course an amazing sensual experience: I can FEEL the ground! Would you wear gloves all-year-round? Nopes! So: Why shoes? Walking barefoot, I’m far more “in touch”, in touch with nature, with Mother Earth… Energy can flow freely, I’m never disconnected. It’s very refreshing and stimulating, and the ecological impact is far less dramatic (erosion!) if I’m hiking without shoes. Somehow I’m more defensive, less aggressive if barefoot. Walking barefoot isn’t only special but also communicative: Travelling a lot I’ve made friends in many countries, explaining why I’m roaming around barefoot!

Coming to India I realized: Many people are barefoot, all the time and everywhere, not only in rural areas and villages but also in town! Even if you’re staying in a big city – one of those hot-spots of modernization and westernisation: You’ll be unable to spend ten minutes in the streets without spotting a pair of dusty bare feet! And it seems quite obvious to me that living barefoot isn’t a privileged of the poor, especially in the South, especially in cities like Chennai. But I wonder: What about the educated youth – students, university graduates? Has anyone of you chosen to go barefoot for fun, ‘cause it’s cool or healthy?

Is it common among Indian students to go barefoot for fun, ‘cause it’s cool or healthy?
Why are you so ******* obsessed with being barefoot?
Reply:As a yoga therapist I tell my students to walk barefooted

but so far nobody has dared. When I visit stadium to walk

I always remove my chappals(sandal) and walk

barefooted and to add to that I always walk clockwise

round the stadium and rest whole of the crowd walk

anticlockwise. It is embarassing and awkward but I push

on because nobody dare to get into an argument but I do

get strange looks for being barefooted as well as walking

clockwise direction and this is in India and that to south

india. I guess they think of me as a square plug in a round

hole. Educated indian youths - students, university graduates

walking barefooted for fun, 'cause it's cool or healthy' you

must be kidding I haven't met a single one of them.
Reply:What the ****?
Reply:It maybe,im not certain
Reply:nope.. no educated person in north india walks barefoot...

personally... people say my hands and feet are really beautiful..

n no im not bragging.. i didnt notice them until people pounted them out! anyways.. they're probably the only beautiful feature i have in me... so i cover them up all the time! to save them from dust and sunlight! hehe.. sounds stupid.. but is true... i wear shoes all the time! i guess im obssessed with keeping my feet clean and spotless!
Reply:No, because of their choice


Are you Bored?

474 Things To Do When You're Bored

- Wax the ceiling

- Rearrange political campaign signs

- Sharpen your teeth

- Play Houdini with one of your siblings

- Braid your dog's hair

- Clean and polish your belly button

- Water your dog...see if he grows

- Wash a tree

- Knight yourself

- Name your child Edsel

- Scare Stephen King

- Give your cat a mohawk

- Purr

- Mow your carpet

- Play Pat Boone records backwards

- Vacuum your lawn

- Sleep on a bed of nails

- DON'T toss and turn

- Boil ice cream

- Run around in squares

- Think of quadruple entendres

- Speak in acronyms

- Have your pillow X-rayed

- Drink straight shots...of water

- Calmly have a nervous breakdown

- Give your goldfish a perm

- Fly a brick

- Play tag...on West 35th Street

- Exorcise a ghost

- Exercise a ghost

- Be blue

- Be red

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- Write a letter to Plato

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- Re-establish the Roman Pittsburgh

Are you Bored?
most of that stuff i cant do b/c im at work
Reply:what a scream! If anyone could scare Stephen King that would be a real achievement! You are very creative. Love it! Report It

Reply:I would rather play a round of Scrabble at Scrabulous!
Reply:Interesting, but you could always play the pingu bashing game... my whole office is hooked.

P.S. salmon
Reply:i guess you are unemployed
Reply:I like the, "Pay off the national debt...with a bad check" and "Phone in a death threat on President Kennedy
Reply:lol... very original good stuff.
Reply:I'd like a Molotov cocktail please barkeep.
Reply:OK, didn't read all of these because too long...but...


That should answer your question. ;-)

skin rashes

Returning an item to Charlotte Russe?

So I bought these flats from Charlotte Russe. When I tried them on there, I had socks on because I was wearing tennis shoes. So I bought them in a 7 because they fit at the store. Well, you don't normally wear this type of shoe with socks and they are a little big and I think I need the size 6. I have the receipt and the tag, but the tag is not attached. I just don't have that little plastic ring that attached the tag to the shoes. Can I still return them and get the size 6? Do they have some special tag attacher thing? I tried to tie it on with some bendy wire stuff. I really love the shoes, but they don't fit and I really want them in a size 6! What can I do?

Returning an item to Charlotte Russe?
go to the store and say that you want to exchange it, if you have the tag and the receipt, but the tag is not attached they should still let you do it because you're not returning it, just exchanging it.

car makes

My school has uniforms AND a dress code. How can I protest the new, strict rules?

I go to a private school and I am required to wear uniforms. What makes this worse is that we also have a dress code. We have to wear certain color belts and socks. Next year, they are making the rules much more strict. Even our shoes have to be certain colors and now we have to wear special clothes on chapel days (it is a private Christian school). I'm quite upset about this. I doubt I will even be able to remember to wear special clothes everytime we have chapel, and the other rules in my opinion take the dress code too far. Teenagers need to be able to have some sort of individuality in their appearance at school, even if they wear uniforms.

I would like to find some way to protest this. I think a petition would be one possible ideas, but I need others. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do?

I am sure some of you disagree with me and believe what my school is doing is a good idea. I respect that, but I don't need a lecture. Try to see this from my point of view.

My school has uniforms AND a dress code. How can I protest the new, strict rules?
go to school naked. or put leaves over your privates so you look like eve, how can a christian school kick you out then? lol
Reply:Definetly get other students and parents involved. They want to make it so kids arent trying to compete about what they are wearing but that gives you no way to express yourself.

If you started by saying you want to choose your own shoes, socks and given a choice of a few pants, shorts, skirts in a couple different colors, it would be easier than protesting the uniform overall.

Be decisive and have a plan if you intend on leading this rally.
Reply:See if other students share your opinion, and than start a petition. Try to get some teachers and parents involved too.
Reply:it wont be that bad, you just need to get use to it. In Mexico, kids are to wear uniform since they are in primary school, even the are demanded to use a certain color of shoes.

See, the way kids dress nowadays it has made so many school officials to go to drastic measures, and take control on the way some kids are dressing. I have seen girls wear miniskirts so small that they are almost showing their underwear come on thats is just asking for trouble. If I was a principal to a school, I would also do the same by having a dress code and uniform.

I know teenagers need some sort of individuality but see, not all kids can have the same brand of clothes. I think everyone should be put at the same label by wearing the same kind of clothing, color etc.
Reply:back in the 70's i went to a private christian school also, i had a sheet of paper taped on the inside of my closet to remind me of chapel days and what i was allowed to wear and not to, we did not have uniforms but i wish we did , my family did not have the extra money for nice cloths and i wore mostly hand me downs and most were well worn items. i think the school is doing you a favor, but iam sure if the student body would approach the school board maybe one Monday a month a uniform free day (with some rules, leight of skirts not too short ect be fair no punk stuff ) or if a person "earned points" to go uniform free day. talk to your student president and see what they say with this idea.


Am i asking for to much? am i being pushy?

i have never seen my dad get my mom a present without her asking for something,my borther always asks me to get his girlfriends prestents, %26amp;now my boyfriend who is following the same path. im trying to tell him that its not the gift itself that matters to me at all, but the thought that goes into it. i just want something thoughtfull, i dont care if he found it on the street, but he keeps telling me he doesnt know what to give me. ive given him so many hints and even told him a few things i thought would be thoughtful and he is still having trouble. i told him i can buy shoes and clothes myself, and i wanted him to give me something special that has meaning behind it. weve been together for 2 and a half years,why is it so hard for him to think of something special?he wrote me a poem a few monhts ago for my birthday and never gave it to me,its in his computer, so i told him for the holidays to print it out and frame it for me, and he said thats not agift because i already told him. help

Am i asking for to much? am i being pushy?
Men just have no concept of what to give as a gift, possibly because we buy what we want when the time is right. My wife always had to tell me what she would like and then I would forget before I had bought it so I needed to ask again. I know that poem would make a great gift, but to a man, even framed it is not a gift. (it's a man thing, unexplainable) If you can train him to do romantic things then you are well ahead of the race.
Reply:Tell him aspects of your life that will help him to chose a gift that he thinks would be meaningful
Reply:I told my ex-wife that my gift to her is me. Now you know why she's my ex. Men are down right bad at finding gifts, that's why we get married and leave it up to our wives to do it. But, to make a long story short, all my wife wanted was flowers, and stupid me never got the hint till it was to late. Maybe you should tell him it's flowers and even tell him your best color,because us men are really dumb at picking gifts.
Reply:He should give you want you want most if you don't already have it.
Reply:Your not asking too much or being too pushy. I've been there too. My fiance is the same way. He is thought ful but doesnt know what to get me unless I tell him. Its not that hard to but for us girls. He could get "jewlery" or lotion or girl stuff. Thats at least something that we would enjoy.

You would think since youve been together for over 2 yrs that he would know you and know what you like. I agree w/ you that its the thought behind the gift. My fiance had a bday card for me on his computer. HE moved and lost the cd the card was on. I told him to get paper and a pen and make me a card instead of buying a card. But he wanted to give me that one. I never got a card and he still hasn't found the cd.

I know what your going through. Just keep telling him how you feel and maybe someday he will understand. Maybe you have to point things out all the time so he will get the hints. Good luck!!

car audio

How much should i ask for these on Ebay?

I'm going to sell a JamesOn Curry practice worn jersey and Thabo Sefolosha Custom made shoes, they are not signed but are size 15 Adidas Pump Special Edition for the Pros.

How much should i ask for these on Ebay?
Just start them off at a penny and see how high the bidding goes
Reply:i dont know, but you should sell em quick. these guys might not be around forever
Reply:189.99 dollars man! that's some good stuff you have
Reply:start the bidding at 9.99 with $25.00 shipping ( it covers your seller fee's,shipping etc..) Starting the bid at 9.99 keeps your selling fee at .40 cents, and if people want it, they will bid like crazy.

mobility scooter

What should I get for someone who's turning 21?

So my sister is turning 21 soon. 21 is supposed to be really special, right? I don't really know what to get her. Whatever I thought of (bags, shoes, things I make myself, etc.) seems too... normal. As in not special enough for someone who's turning 21. Any suggestions?

What should I get for someone who's turning 21?
Buy her a bottle and some shot glasses. She is finally legal to drink. Just don't let her drive.
Reply:A nicely planned vacation and lots of money in her purse to splurge.
Reply:trip to Las Vegas. time for a vacation with you're not so little ?(anymore) sister
Reply:get her a SIX PACK OF BEER and say u earned it pal
Reply:Alcohol is the knee-jerk response, but other things one can enjoy upon turning 21...lottery tickets, visits to a gentleman's club (might be a fun outing, even though she probably doesn't particularly like watching strippers), a casino, etc. Perhaps some sort of membership: a gym, the auto club, something that says she's all grown up.
Reply:maybe you don't need to get her something, maybe what you need is to let her feel more of your love, try taking her out, take a tour or something. Goodluck........
Reply:If you're over 21, take her out to a nice restaurant or bar that you think she might like and buy her her first drink.
Reply:A bottle of her favorite liquor. I myself am a Jack Daniels girl, but if you can find whatever suits her, all the better! And I agree with another poster...definitely get shotglasses. You gotta have those!
Reply:A bottle of wine.


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